Welcome to the Weardale Wildlife Group


Welcome to the website of the Weardale Wildlife Group. We are a group born out of the North Pennines AONB Partnership’s WildWatch Project. We are enthusiastic about wildlife and enjoy observing and recording species seen. Our main focus is the Weardale area, but we do venture to other areas on occasions, for walks and joint ventures with other groups.


we are currently holding meetings to decide the way forward for the Weardale Wildlfe Group. With covid rules starting to be relaxed, it is likely that walks and talks will be able to go ahead in the near future. That being said, we have an added complication on the administrative side as our banking and insurance is through the Friends of the North Pennines and they have decided to fold the charity this year. This means that the Weardale Wildlife Group will have to arrange its own banking and insurance to continue running the group. We are currently a small steering group and are considering our options but may need to have some kind of constitution to open a bank account, so it may take a while to get sorted.


We are recruiting additional help as there will be added work with the various tasks to do, so if anyone is interested, any offer of time or skills would be gratefully received. Please contact the Weardale Wildlife Group by email at enquiries@weardalewildlifegroup.co.uk.

We thought we should make you aware of the situation but will keep you updated of new developments and our programme of events, when we have one organised.


We have however arranged a social event to get everyone together and start the season off on Saturday 23rd April 2022 at Harehope Quarry. This will include lunch and a number of short, interesting presentations. but please check our events page on the Weardale Wildlife Group website for future events. 


Wildlife is an important part of Weardale's landscape but much of it is being lost. In order to conserve and protect our natural heritage we want to play our part in understanding our wildlife and encouraging others to enjoy our surroundings.


We aim to:

  • Bring together people interested in wildlife
  • Record key wildlife species and their habitats
  • Encourage local interest in wildlife and conservation
  • Share our knowledge and skills with other groups and organisations

If you would like to get involved, your enthusiasm and interest would be warmly welcome and we have many events in the pipeline. Please see our calendar for upcoming walks, talks, gatherings and training events. Our email is enquiries@weardalewildlifegroup.co.uk or check out our facebook page. Feel free also to post events or news on our blog page on this website. Please note, we have a no dog policy.


To record wildlife follow the link for the AONB's new recording site irecord.

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Hoverfly Sericomyia silentis seen at Hawkwellhead